Product Guide

Sheeter ( Sheet Cutter )

FUJITEC SHEETER guarantees high-accuracy & high-quality cutting performance

Machine width Max 2600mm ( Twin rotary knife ) Max 3500mm ( Single rotary knife )
Materials Paper, paperboard, special paper, plastic film, metal foil and other synthetic materials
Crosscut control Electric-synchro control
( length cut and registered mark cut )
Crosscut length Min 300 – Max 1500 mm ( Special length available as option )
Speed Max 300m/min
Accuracy ±0.3mm ( ±0.15mm for registered mark cut )
Options Roll feeder, Unwinders, Decurlers,
EPC ( Auto Edge Position Controller ), Web inspection system,
Trim removal system, Pallet feeder & discharger,
Ream markers, Electro-static eliminator, etc.

Unwinder & Rewinder

Pick-up type, vertical type, etc. - wide variety of shaftless unwinders and rewinders are flexibly designed to meet user’s specific requirements.


Small diameter spinning bar, contactless supported by permanent magnet units, removes curls most effectively.

Sheet Decurler

Decurler for Cut-sheets. Auto stacker is available as option.

Tension Controller

Tension controller is especially designed for sheeter with multi-unwinders. Each unwind brake is controlled for stable tension control individually.


Each knife is driven by AC servomotor individually for the best slitting performance. Auto/Manual position settings with touch panel monitor are user selectable.

Roll Gripper

Convenient roll handling device for shaftless rolls.

Roll Handling Equipment

Various types of roll feeder to unwinders are custom-designed to fit user’s room.

Counter & Marker

Tape insert type and ink marking type are user selectable.

MINI cutter

Small size rotary cutter for laboratory use.


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